Gilak Daneh Navid Company

Gilak Daneh Navid Company (GDN) was established as one of the Navid Morgh Guilan Holding subsections with the aim of producing aqua feed, poultry feed, pet food and other livestock feed in Rasht Industrial City in 2015. The company is a familial corporation that was initiated by Abdollah Navid Talami in 1979 in the field of poultry production and simultaneously warm water fish culture and propagation. This holding with persistent efforts and perseverance as well as increased development of its producing activities was registered with the name of Navid Morgh Guilan Company in 1995.

Navid Morgh Guilan with honest efforts and hard work in agricultural site selection and bio-security establishment has developed its broiler chickens and breeder farms, broiler hatchery and warm water fish farms across the Guilan province and nowadays it is reputed as one of the largest producers of one day old broiler chicken and an exclusive precursor in poultry meat production that has an important role in Iran poultry meat yields. Also, owing to plenty of warm water fish ponds, it is progressed as a great fish producer recently.

This company, with feed mill plant establishment and poultry slaughterhouse inauguration in the near future as a complete chain with the Navid Brand, will be raised more than ever.

The operating units in the company are:

  • Grandparent broiler chicken farms
  • Broiler breeder farms
  • Hatcheries
  • Broiler chicken farms
  • Animal, poultry and fish feed factories
  • Fish ponds
  • Animal husbandry
  • Poultry slaughterhouse


Gilak Daneh Navid Co. with the newest and progressive technological equipment has established a modern extruded and pellet feed mill plant with the capacity of 20 tons per hour to support domestic production activities and to reduce feed import costs. For this purpose, the feed mill machinery was bought from the best and most well-known companies; Andritz and Famsun.

The main goal of GDN is producing high quality feeds to prepare its own farms necessities in addition to other agricultural activities requirements in the market. It is been achieved by qualified consultant and expert specialists who work in animals feeding and breeding fields.

In aquaculture industry using feeds for different fishes is completely species-specific. We are able to produce different types of aquatic feed with our exclusive and high capacity machinery equipment. Based on physical characteristics of ingredients, our extruders are capable to produce the immerse feed and adjust them in different water levels that are suitable for special fish species.

The drying process is one of the main steps in the extruded feed production. Our high quality dryers under automatic control are able to dry feeds in different sizes from 0.8- 40 mm with elegance, precision and uniformity at the same time.

Vacuum coating is the special process that liquids can penetrate to every porous product such as extruded fish feeds or pellets so adding too many micro ingredients like vitamins, fish and vegetable oils (4 to 40%), attractants and specific exogenous enzymes are also available. It could be applied in poultry feed and pet food to improve the quality and energy bio-availability of the products.

GDN automation system is able to be upgraded and also updated when it takes new and innovative information from all other feed manufacturers in the world. Accordingly, the exact additives dosing, the float, immerse or sinking feeds optimal control, the moisture adjustment and mobility and flexibility of feed formulation would also be possible.

The quality control unit, chemical and microbial laboratories in GDN are steadily checking the origin and quality of ingredients. The company's research and development team, using international expert staffs, always are seeking to improve the products and finding the appropriate product to meet the consumer's requirements. We are eager to share the latest information on aquaculture and poultry science by holding workshops and training courses.